History TEST


History TEST


This film and campaign is dedicated to the recovery of “free passage for the Wild Atlantic salmon” on our rivers in Ireland and to the preservation of the last remaining remnant of ancient woodland on the river Lee in southern Ireland known as the Gearagh.

I researched and filmed this true story of the river Lee between October  2011 and November 2014 and am deeply indebted to my collaborator and editor Barry McCarthy, whose contribution to the form and high-end cinematic qualities of RIVER RUNNER was invaluable.

The original theme music was composed and generously donated by Dan Warren, musical wizard and professional genetic fish scientist from the USA.  

Sincere thanks to the contributors  Alan Nolan and Kevin Corcoran who are both passionate and highly principled lovers of nature. Their deep knowledge, which they willingly and patiently shared, laid the foundation for the film.

This documentary uncovered many hidden secrets and it has triggered a whole new chapter for the river Lee in Cork City, County and beyond.

Declan O' Mahony

February 1 2017





A complete sell out at the Gate Cinema in Cork for the Cork Film Festival Premiere, November 16, 2014.


Audience response from the premiere triggered multiple screenings in Macroom , Bantry , Inchigeelagh, Dublin, Galway, Mayo, Kerry, Limerick & Donegal.

Michael Ewing Director of the Environmental Forum Network, presents the 2015 Environmental Individual Award for the contribution the film and the FREE THE LEE campaign made in its first twelve months.

Using these images of turbine damaged fish and the devastated ancient forest hundreds of letters and emails are circulated to press and politicians

The film receives a week long run in the Omniplex mainstream cinema and attracts over two thousand viewers.

Articles flood the press as the tragic story touches many.

Within six months of launching the online campaign to FREE THE LEE several thousand people had signed up.

Kevin Corcoran’s 25 year long campaign to fully protect the last remaining ancient forest on the upper Lee is presented to the EU Commission.

To view Kevins speech, click here